Heritage Lake Farm

The year 2018 marks the first year Heritage Lake Farm has produced and bottled its own maple syrup from a brand new sugarhouse.  Our maple syrup is sold locally under the “Mike’s Maple” brand name. We are proud to say we produced over 350 Gallons of USDA Grade A maple syrup this year of light, amber and dark colors and with flavor profiles from delicate to bold and robust.  Our maple syrup is all natural, 100% pure, and comes from a mix of hard, sugar maple and soft, red maple trees in the 50-acre "sugarbush" on the farm, We have 1400 taps under vacuum and boil using reverse osmosis to concentrate the sap, in a 5'x 14' wood-fired evaporator and "steam away" sap pre-heater.

This year Heritage Lake Farm will be partnering with Graeter's Ice Cream to pair Mike's Maple syrup with a variety of Graeter's ice cream flavors. Maple Syrup over ice cream -- nothing better than that!

Marilyn & Mike Gardner

18657 Mumford Rd 
Garrettsville, OH 44231







Maple Producers of NE Ohio are dedicated to the production of quality maple syrup products through the education of the producers and public using proper forest management, stewardship and latest technology and techniques while still preserving the maple heritage.

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