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Sumner Farms

At Sumner Farms visitors can expect a look at  areal family operated hobbyist operation! We have approximately 50 taps and we will showcase our small 2 x 4 evaporator in action, boiling in our driveway. We will also show the various methods of sap collection we use from bags to milk jugs. Additionally we will have on display our various methods of filtering and finishing our syrup ( which eventually gets canned into mason jars). We will also discuss the entire process and what it takes to make your own maples syrup at home without all of the fancy equipment and investment Pictures of our operation and our start back in 2020 will be on display and we will be on hand to answer questions and have discussions about our evolution as backyard sugar makers. Unfortunately no maple or maple products will be for sale, we don't make enough to sell. 

Open Saturday 3/2 and Saturday 3/9

Dustin Ratliff 

7925 Sumner Rd
Leroy, OH 44086



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